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    Designer, Musician and Charity Co-Founder


    Janine Stoll is a graphic and web designer, singer and songwriter, and the co-founder and Operations Manager of a local animal rescue charity. Based in Brantford, Ontario, Janine offers design services to musicians, artists, organizations and small businesses globally. A professional musician since the age of 19, Janine has toured Canada, the USA and Europe. Janine has released three full-length solo albums, as well as three albums with her band The DoneFors. In 2011, Janine co-founded Ladybird Animal Sanctuary with her best friends and fellow musicians Melissa McClelland (of Whitehorse) and Lisa Winn. Ladybird rescues homeless animals from high-kill shelters and works to find them forever homes. Ladybird has rescued 900+ animals to date.

    Graphic and Web Design

    With over 17 years of experience as a freelance graphic and web designer, Janine brings experience, intuition and creativity to print media and web projects. Janine’s professionalism and artistic approach to design allow her to take her client’s personal vision and build a compelling and effective final product.






    • Writing (biographies, press releases, etc.)
    • Photoshoot and Video Styling
    • Set Decoration
    • Prop Building
    • Backup singing
    • Songwriting



    Janine Stoll?writes clever songs, beautiful songs, and sad songs. Considered to be among Canada’s finest songwriters, Stoll lives up to her status with an ever-increasing catalogue of acclaimed releases and a penchant for writing “the perfect song.” With a voice both vulnerable and unwavering, Stoll can croon with the best of them.

    Stoll’s most recent full-length solo album,?Melancholia, was released in 2010. With a decade plus of a well-documented heavy heart, the artist invites listeners into a private room filled with the fading photographs of burdensome memories. These songs are personal, beautiful, sorrowful, and somehow hopeful. Those looking for a pensive and intimate experience of music with evocative lyrics and stunning delivery need look no further than?Melancholia.?Providing backdrop to Stoll’s stories are guitar arrangements composed and executed by?Paul MacDougall, with appearances by bass players?Brian Kobayakawa?(Serena Ryder, The Creaking Tree, Elvis Bosa Nova),?Liam Smith?and?Mike Milligan. Melancholia was co-produced with John MacLean of World Records Studio.

    Melancholia?takes up residence alongside Janine Stoll’s other solo album releases; This is where we bury it?(2005) and everything you gave me (2001).

    This is where we bury it?(also produced by John MacLean) is a collection of songs merging Stoll’s intimate brand of folk/pop with backing band?Mr. Something Something‘s west-African flavour. This CD was welcomed by the CBC and made it onto many a show’s play list. It also received consistently positive praise from other media outlets. Stoll’s first release, Everything You Gave Me, was a stripped-down acoustic gem that introduced listeners to a songwriting and vocal force fairly new in the Canadian music scene. And it left them wanting more.


    The DoneFors - Death by the Mob

    The DoneFors are “one of Canada’s craftiest indie bands” (The Globe and Mail). Paul MacDougall, Liam Smith, Brian Lahaie and Stoll?round out this quartet, who describes their music as Canadiana Vanguard. The DoneFors have three exceptional albums to their credit; Lush Life Below the Poverty Line (2014, independent), Award Winning Album (2011, independent), and How to have sex with Canadians (2009, independent). www.thedonefors.com


    Songwriters?Melissa McClelland?(Whitehorse),?Lisa Winn, and?Erin Smith joined Stoll to create the acclaimed quartet The Ladybird Sideshow. The four singer-songwriters combined experience and talent, not to mention unique and distinct personalities, provided a rare, addictive synergy both musically and personally. In 2004 Live at the Orange Lounge?was recorded in front of a live audience at Toronto’s?Orange Lounge by producer?Daryn Barry. In 2011, McClelland, Winn and Stoll took their love of animals and volunteer spirit to new heights with the co-founding of Canadian charity Ladybird Animal Sanctuary. Ladybird has saved many innocent lives by rescuing over 300 domestic animals from high-kill shelters and finding them forever homes. www.ladybirdanimalsanctuary.com

    Stoll has worked as a backing vocalist with Toronto’s afro-funk superstars Mr. Something Something (live on stage, as well as on the self-titled debut album and the?Juno-nominated?The Edge). She has lent her vocal talents to many recording projects and live performances by artists such as?Whitehorse, Ember Swift,?Edie Carey,?Coco Love Alcorn,?Emma-Lee,?Daniel Sky, Karyn Ellis,?Brian MacMillan,?Sarah Noni Metzner, and others.

    Ladybird Animal Sanctuary

    Melissa McClelland, Lisa Winn and Janine Stoll of Ladybird Animals Sanctuary, www.ladybirdanimalsanctuary.com - photo by Raina Kirn, www.rwphotographic.com

    In 2001, 4 little songbirds found each other in the downtown bustle of Toronto. Janine Stoll, Lisa Winn, Melissa McClelland and Erin Smith, all singer/songwriters in their own right came together for the next five years to record, tour and sing the most lovely four part harmonies this side of the Skyway Bridge. Eventually each bird went their own way, the fourth bird Erin flying all the way to Maui to live the life of a beach goddess. The friendship was left strong and intact and the three remaining birds have come together once again to launch the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary. Inspired by a deep love for animals and for each other, Melissa, Janine and Lisa have made a life long pact to uphold the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary as a safe haven for dogs and cats in need.

    Our Goal

    The goal of Ladybird Animal Sanctuary is to create a safe haven for dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals who otherwise have no place to call home. We offer them love, shelter, food and any medical attention they require. These animals stay in the sanctuary’s care until a loving, forever home can be found for them.

    Ladybird helps reduce the extraordinary number of pets euthanized in Ontario by rescuing from high-kill shelters that are bursting at the seams with unwanted animals. We promote the option of rescue adoptions and we strive to educate the community on the importance of spaying and neutering. With our “Youth Ambassador” program, we encourage children to treat animals with respect and teach them the importance of responsible pet ownership.

    Currently, Ladybird operates as a rescue, foster and adoption organization. Our animals are kept in volunteer foster homes for the duration of their time with us. The sanctuary’s objective is to one day purchase a property and home base which will comfortably house a larger number of animals. This space will also give us the ability to rescue farm animals, and let us secure a permanent place for animals considered “un-adoptable”. The sanctuary will allow for visitors, and give Ladybird the option to create educational and/or therapeutic programs that will not only benefit the animals, but the people around them.

    How to Help

    This is the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary; run entirely on donations from the public and the kindness of others. Every penny from every donation goes towards improving the welfare of animals, which includes the cost of keeping them healthy, happy and safe.

    Please help Ladybird save innocent creatures from an uncertain fate and find them loving homes to call their own. Help protect the welfare of animals who cannot protect themselves and give them a second chance at a happy life. free Kasino bonus.


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